Susanne Trimbath

Susanne Trimbath

Senior Advisor; CEO, STP Advisory Services

Dr. Susanne Trimbath has authored, edited or contributed chapters to five books, including Mergers and Efficiency (2002), Beyond Junk Bonds (2003; Chinese edition 2013), and Methodological Issues in Accounting Research (2006). Her credits include appearances on national television and radio programs (CNBC’s Power Lunch and NPR’s Marketplace) and the Emmy® Award-nominated Bloomberg report Phantom Shares. Her articles appear in the national publications US Banker, The International Economy, The American Enterprise, and The Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor in addition to academic, peer-reviewed journals.

Susanne has had the good fortune to combine her knowledge of economics and her experience in finance throughout her career. Her time as a senior advisor “on-the-ground” during the transition from communism to capitalism in Russia and subsequent projects in Ukraine serve to inform an understanding of developing financial markets as well as global (cross-border) markets. Past research projects include developing a matrix to evaluate bank stability in more than 100 countries (Milken Institute), researching the role of finance in economic development with scholars from universities and the World Bank, and examining the role of regulation in market stability. In addition to a broad background in finance and economics, Susanne has been teaching a variety of finance and economics courses in undergraduate and MBA programs since 1989, including advanced courses in corporate governance, financing new enterprises and external debt in emerging market economies.

In 2009, Susanne’s firm, STP Advisory Services, LLC, received a British Airways Face of Opportunity Grant in support of research in financial regulatory reform. She is the 1999 recipient of the Milken Institute Award for Distinguished Economic Research, Capital Studies, for High Yield Financing and Efficiency-Enhancing Takeovers. She received support for studies in Austrian Economics from the Bradley Foundation (1994-1997).

Practice Areas: Economics, financial markets, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic management, monetary and fiscal policy, global development, international finance, Federal Reserve.