Ali Ercan Özgür

Ali Ercan Özgür

Senior Advisor

Ali Ercan Özgür is the founder and Managing – Director of IDEMA International Development Partners( . Previously, he served as the Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Turkey. He started his civil society career at Youth for Habitat International Network as International Relations Coordinator in 2001. Then he worked as Local Governance Fund Manager at United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Branch(UCLG-MEWA); Projects Coordinator at Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey(TEGV); Projects Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey(CSR-Turkey) and Good Governance Programme Manager at Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation(TESEV).  Özgür has coordinated research and social projects for the United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe, World Bank and many businesses.

Özgür is a Member of the Board and Secretary General of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey.

Özgür is a PhD candidate at Marmara University’s Local Governments and Decentralization Department where he is writing his thesis on “New Regionalism and Regional Development Agencies in Turkey and Europe”. He is a graduate of Political Science and International Relations (Marmara University, İstanbul) and holds MSc Governance and Development Management degree(University of Birmingham, International Development Department, UK ) with a thesis on “Aid Coordination and Effectiveness in Turkey”.

Practice Areas: international partnerships, public-private partnerships, new regionalism, regional development, governance, development management, local governments and cities, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, NGOs and civil society, international aid and funds.